Recycling SystemExhaust Gas Treatment, Deodorization,
Crushing System

Exhaust Gas Treatment System

The selection of a suitable exhaust gas treatment system depends mainly on the factory scale, plant site, and the neighboring environment.

  • The most common system to be used together with the asphalt plant's dust colIector
  • Exhaust gas colIected by the recycle exhaust fan goes inside the bag fiIter
  • Simple structure

Deodorization System

Odorous components (mainly hydrocarbons) in exhaust gas are decomposed into carbon dioxide gas and water by direct combustion

Double Burner Deodorization Type

  • Gas with odor collected by exhaust fan is heated by an independent burner
  • Exhaust gas emitted will pass through a heat exchanger to reutilize the energy
  • Suitable for plants with long and continuous operating hours

Crushing System

Feeding ⇒ Crushing ⇒ Screening

  • Low noise
  • Low vibration
  • Low pollution
  • Wear resistant
Double roll crusher; coarse crushing

Impact crusher; grinding

Roll breaker; fine grinding

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