Customer's Voice

case 2CBD-120ABD in Thailand

Virgin: 120 ton per hour


What are the reasons for you to choose
the Nikko brand asphalt mixing plant?

We have confidence in the quality of Japanese products and also we trust the Nikko brand. We have had good experience using Nikko’s products.


How long has the plant been in operation?
How many tons of hot mix have been produced?

Our plant has been operating for about one and a half years.
So far approximately 260,000 tons of hot mix have been produced.


How would you compare Nikko’s asphalt mixing plants to
other manufacturers’ plants?

Compared with other asphalt mixing plants, we like the stable performance and design of Nikko plants and the production capacity is also outstanding.


What are your reviews for Nikko’s plant after
starting operation?

Operation is smooth. The performance is more than satisfactory.


Is the quality of hot mix up to your expectations?

Yes, quality of hot mix is good with uniform mixing.
In the rainy season, the operator needs to know some techniques for quality control.


Are you satisfied with the after-sales service?

Yes, we are satisfied with the after sales service, but there is still room for improvement. For example, we hope that Nikko engineers can pay regular visits to our plant after the guarantee period


Would you recommend Nikko to others?

Yes, considering the long-term return Nikko is definitely recommended.

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