Company Profile

Company Profile

Company name Nikko Co., Ltd.
Head Office
1013-1, Eigashima, Okubo-cho, Akashi-shi, Hyogo, 674-8585 Japan
TEL : +81-78-947-3131
FAX : +81-78-947-3638
Tokyo Head Office
Nissenren Asahiseimei Bldg. 5F, 3-4-2, Kandasurugadai, Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo, 101-0062 Japan
TEL +81-3-5298-6706
FAX +81-3-5298-6712
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Established August 13, 1919
Employees 792
Capital 9,197 million yen
Turn over JPY 28.1 billion as of March 31st, 2018
Business line Asphalt Mixing Plant, Recycling System,
Concrete Batching Plant,
Belt Conveyor System,
Beverage Container Recycling Plant,
Plastic Recycling Plant, Soil Remediation Plant,
Environmental Equipment
System Control Panel & Software.
Qualification ISO-9001


Aug, 1919
- Start of manufacturing -
Founded as Nihon Kogu Product Co., Ltd.
Started manufacturing and selling Shovels, Scoops, and Pickaxes
under the brand name Tombo (Dragonfly)
May, 1949 Listed on Osaka Securities market
Dec, 1951 Manufactured the first concrete mixer and hoisting winch
Apr, 1956 Manufactured the first concrete batching plant
Oct, 1958 Manufactured the first asphalt mixing plant
May, 1962 Listed on the Tokyo Securities Exchange
Jul, 1962 Manufactured the first pipe support equipment
Nov, 1963 Manufactured the first pipe scaffold
Oct, 1966 Manufactured the first conveyor belt
Feb, 1968 Company Name altered to Nikko Co., Ltd.
Jun, 1968 Manufactured the first hot mix silo
Jun, 1968 Started operator training at Nikko's headquarter
May, 1969 Foundation of Nikko Electric Industries Corp.
Dec, 1973 Technical cooperation with Benninghoven, Germany
Sep, 1976 Distributor's organization "Tombo"
Jun, 1977 Technical cooperation with Boeing, U.S.A.
Oct, 1982 Business Cooperation with BMG, U.S.A.
Apr, 1982 Developed the new revolutionary control system and power board
Nov, 1987 Equity participation in BMG Controls, U.S.A.
Dec, 1988 Foundation of Taipei sales office
Apr, 1989 Subcontractors' organization "Akitsu" established
Jan, 1991 Equity participation in Benninghoven, Germany
Feb, 1994 Foundation of Nikko Baumaschinen GmbH
Apr, 1994 Foundation of Tombo Industry Co., Ltd.
Apr, 1995 Foundation of Nikko Scaffolding & Equipment of Construction Co., Ltd.
Aug, 1998 ISO9001 Registered
Apr, 1999 Construction Minister authorization of Steel Construction Factory
Apr, 1999 Foundation of Beijing sales office
Apr, 2000 Manufactured the first soil remediation system
Mar, 2001 Manufactured the first plastic recycling plant
May, 2002 Technical cooperation with Bilfinger Berger Umwelt, Germany
May, 2002 ISO14001 registered
Jul, 2002 Take over of Niigata Engineering Corporation Limited business
Dec, 2002 Foundation of SRS Akashi
Mar, 2003 Sole agency agreement with Mil-tek, Denmark
Nov, 2004 New factory in Jiading District (China) of NIKKO(SHANGHAI) 
Aug, 2006 Acquisition of concrete pump truck business from Mitsubishi Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.
Apr, 2007 Start of production DSF mixer at NIKKO(SHANGHAI) CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY CO., LTD.
Apr, 2008 Acquisition of crusher manufacturer Maekawa Kogyosho So., Ltd
Apr, 2010 Agreement in principle to establish a joint venture company together with China Shangtui Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.
and Wuhan Zongnan Construction Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd. for concrete machinery & equipment business in China.
April, 2011 Develop new asphalt mixing plant & recycle plant, Euro-tower & Top-α series
April, 2013 Develop new control panel, "Trinity Ultimate"
Oct, 2013 Establishment of new Service Station in Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture
April, 2014 Develop new asphalt mixing plant, “Mid-ship” series
Oct, 2014 Develop new mixer for concrete batching plant, "DASH Hyper" series
April, 2016 Establishment of new branch office in Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture
Oct, 2018 Establishment of new Mobile Centre in Yoshikawa City, Saitama Prefecture
April, 2019 Establishment of new branch office in Okinawa Prefecture
Aug, 2019 100 Years Anniversary of Nikko Co., Ltd.

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