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About Guarantee and liability limitation

Use of the Nikko Co., Ltd. website shall be at the user's own responsibility.
Nikko takes care to carefully manage the text, photographs, illustrations, animations, and the links and other information published on this site.
However, this website does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of information.

All or a part of the contents published on this site may be changed without prior notice to users.
Nikko does not guarantee to update the website.
Nikko takes no responsibility for any damage caused to clients that is generated by using information (data is included) obtained from this site.
Nikko does not take any responsibility for any damage that may arise due to use of the variety of information acquired from this site and other sites which have links to this site (links from this site are included).
This site may be rendered unusable due to the computer environment or communication environment or clients.
This site may cease to be available without prior notice to the user.

About intellectual property rights, etc.

The text, photographs, illustrations, animations, etc. on this site are protected by copyrights owned by this site, its affiliated company (hereinafter collectively "our company"), and third parties, including industrial property, and other rights.
A user may peruse the contents of this site under the premise of not misappropriating the use of the text, photographs, illustrations, animations, etc. of this site to an environment which a third party can peruse, and may display, duplicate, or print, etc. content from this site under the premise of not intending to make profit from such material.

Even if such material is used under the premise of not being misappropriated to an environment which a third party can peruse, or not being used for profit-making purposes, all displays concerning copyright, etc. must not be deleted.
This site does not consent to third party copyrights, patent rights, trademark rights, and any other rights.

Applicable law

This site is operated under the management of our company.
This site can be accessed from other countries where laws are different.
Users who access this site and this site shall agree to be bound by the laws of Japan and the ordinances of each prefecture of Japan regarding the use of this site.
Access to this site shall be based on the free intention of the user, and responsibility for use of this site shall lie with the user of this site.

About Cookies

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Cookies contain information which a site transmits to a client's Internet browser software (hereinafter, "browser"), and are memorized by website visitor's computer.
Cookies used by this site do not adversely affect the website visitor's computer.
Website visitors can refuse to receive cookies by operating a browser setup.
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